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Matt Jacobs’ Statement on Redistricting Commission’s Proposed Congressional Lines for CA-26

December 22, 2021

Thousand Oaks, CA – “I’m excited to welcome my friends in Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, and Calabasas into the newly redrawn 26th Congressional District. As a Thousand Oaks native, I have many fond memories of these cities, and the relationships and events they hold, that have shaped my life. With redistricting concluding, I know that the residents of Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, and Calabasas have much in common with the rest of our district. We all care deeply about our neighbors and country. We want the safest possible neighborhoods, the strongest possible private-sector economy, and exemplary schools. We deserve to be represented in Congress by a commonsense leader who puts our issues first – not an absentee career politician who votes 100% of the time with their party’s leadership.

“The prospect of representing Simi Valley is especially humbling because it is home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We are running a campaign that President Reagan, the original happy warrior, would be proud of – a campaign driven by our belief that America’s best days lie ahead. As a former federal prosecutor, I spent my career prosecuting America’s worst enemies. Now I’m running for Congress to defend the American Dream – to ensure that America remains, as President Reagan famously said, that “shining city upon a hill.” I welcome the residents of the new 26th Congressional District to join our team, and I look forward to earning your confidence – and your vote – in the months ahead.”