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Washington Free Beacon: New Poll Has Republicans in Dead Heat in Deep-Blue LA District

April 1, 2022

As a federal prosecutor in 2017, Matt Jacobs secured the conviction of Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Republicans are virtually tied on the generic ballot in a blue Los Angeles congressional district, a warning sign for Democrats as they fight an increasingly uphill battle to retain control of the House in November.

According to a March 30 OnMessage poll obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon, Democrats hold just a 1-point advantage on the generic ballot among likely primary voters in California’s 26th Congressional District. That finding marks a stark decline for Democrats—incumbent congresswoman Julia Brownley (D.) won the district by 21 points less than two years ago. Sixty-two percent of respondents, meanwhile, feel the United States is “on the wrong track” under President Joe Biden.

In addition to the OnMessage poll’s generic ballot findings, the survey also shows Republican candidate Matt Jacobs with a strong lead among Republican primary voters. Jacobs, a former federal prosecutor, holds 44 percent of the Republican primary electorate, while 37 percent are undecided, the poll shows. No other candidate has double-digit support, according to the poll.

OnMessage’s survey marks the second time in recent days Democrats have seen discouraging poll numbers come out of Southern California.

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