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Pride in America

As the grandson of a World War II veteran and two Holocaust survivors who came to this country as refugees, Matt has always been immensely proud and grateful to be an American. Ventura County deserves to be represented by someone, like Matt, who believes in the goodness of our people and the greatness of our country.

Public Safety

Government’s first duty is to protect us. As a federal prosecutor, Matt worked tirelessly to keep our country and our community safe. In Congress, Matt will support law enforcement while fighting policies — like defunding the police — that make the people of Ventura County less safe.


Prosperity means good jobs and high wages for the hardworking people of Ventura County. To achieve prosperity, we must lower taxes, reduce regulations, and end Big Government policies that hurt job creators, small businesses and the middle class. In Congress, Matt will fight to make America’s economy what it once was — the greatest engine of prosperity in human history.


For America to remain the land of opportunity, every child must receive a world-class education. In Congress, Matt will support public school teachers — like his mother — who put children first, while embracing school choice and charter education, and ensuring that schools teach children how to think, not what to think.

The American Dream for All

America is a nation of immigrants. Over the centuries, countless immigrants have come to this land in search of freedom and opportunity. While anti-American politicians keep telling us that the American Dream is dead, new immigrants keep proving them wrong. In Congress, Matt will fight to make sure that everyone in Ventura County has the opportunity to make their American Dream a reality.

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